Child Custody Attorney for Managing Teen Needs

by | Jul 6, 2017 | Lawyers

As children get older, they begin to have their own ideas and needs about what they should and should not do. The fact is, when a judge puts in specific requirements for child custody, a parent has to abide by them. When that parent fails to ensure the other parent has access to their rights, there begins to be a concern. What can you do? One step you should take is to call your child custody attorney. This is the perfect time to talk about what options are available to you for making changes to agreements.

Abide By Custody Orders

Do your best to abide by all orders set by the court system. If there is an extraordinary situation where a child refuses to see his or her other parent, contact your child custody attorney immediately for help. The key here is to do whatever you can to ensure you are not violating the court’s orders.

What Can Happen From There?

When you work with your attorney, you’ll be able to discuss the underlying reasons for the refusal of the child to visit his or her other parent. This can also be a good time to present changes to custody agreements to the court, especially as an older child begins to make changes in his or her own life, such as getting a job or being involved in other activities. It is possible, and even likely that a judge will allow for such changes when they are in the best interests of the child.

One key factor to remember when it comes to child custody matters is that you always want to keep the courts apprised of what’s really happening. When you work with your child custody attorney in Duval, FL, you can achieve this, so the best outcome possible occurs.