3 Ways A Car Accident Lawyer Works For You

Most people in a vehicle accident in Tampa, particularly if there are injuries or significant property damage, will retain an attorney. While most of what the lawyer does is behind the scenes, at least as far as the client is concerned, these professionals are essential in proving your case and obtaining full and fair compensation.

Understanding what your car accident lawyer has to do to prove your case will provide insight into the work that goes on after the accident. Some cases can be extremely complex, particularly if there are multiple vehicles, multiple injuries or fatalities in the accident.

Gathering Evidence

Initially, the car accident lawyer will focus on gathering information to understand the specific issues in the accident. This will include talking to witnesses, collecting police reports, verifying information and finding out specifics about the scope of the damages and injuries.

Medical Record Requirements

In addition to gathering evidence, the attorney will also work closely with your medical providers to make sure all necessary records documenting your injuries, treatment and future treatments are complete and accurate.

Your car accident lawyer may request you see a specialist to ensure adequate and accurate documentation is available in a form that will be most effective for both negotiations as well as litigation, if required.


The vast majority of vehicle accident cases in Tampa are settled without the need to go to court. Your attorney will discuss settlement options, make suggestions and provide legal advice throughout the process. He or she will also represent you in the negotiations as well as through mediation or arbitration.

For most claims, having an attorney makes it more likely the case will settle out of court and in your best interests. This will reduce the time before you receive the settlement while also helping to reduce the cost of a litigated case.

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