Bigger Settlements Can Be Achieved with an Auto Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA

When an injured person pursues a lawsuit, their goal is to receive compensation for their injuries and damages. Often, a lawsuit is filed because an insurance company refuses to be fair in their settlement offer. Injured victims who find themselves being given the runaround often find it beneficial to hire an auto accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA. Hiring a lawyer affords them the opportunity to protect their rights and pursue the settlement amount they deserve.

One of the biggest reasons bigger settlements come from hiring a lawyer is because this allows pressure to be placed on the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters are notorious for offering lower settlements to those injured victims who do not have legal counsel. This is because they believe the victim is not aware of their rights or how much their claim is worth. Unfortunately, this is often true.

When a person is represented by a lawyer, the lawyer informs them of their rights and the amount their claim is worth. This is vital information that will prevent a victim from possibly settling for less than that. Victims who do not know their claim worth often get taken advantage of by insurance companies who want nothing more than to protect their bottom line. The Insurance Research Council states injured victims who hire a lawyer are able to secure a 40% higher settlement amount.

The auto accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA is able to use their knowledge of the law and negotiation tactics to pursue the insurance company. If they find the insurance adjuster is unwilling to offer a fair amount, they have the option of filing a lawsuit. Lawsuits do not always come to fruition with auto accident claims because the cases are typically settled outside of court. No matter how the claim progresses, the goal of the lawyer will be to achieve a fair settlement for their client.

If you were injured in a serious auto accident that was the fault of another driver, seek legal help right away so your rights can be protected. Call the office of website and ask for your appointment.

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