A Brain Injury Lawyer in Burlington, VT Makes Sure Clients Receive Compensation for Long-Term Consequences

by | May 26, 2016 | Attorneys

Because of the possible long-term consequences of a serious brain injury, it’s essential to understand legal options if someone else was directly or legally responsible for the injury. A brain injury lawyer in Burlington, VT can help when people are concerned they won’t receive the amount of financial compensation they deserve.

An example of someone being directly responsible for another person’s brain injury is when that individual causes a serious car accident. Being legally responsible may involve a property owner not attending to an icy sidewalk, and someone slipping and falling there. A traumatic brain injury can result in high costs for medical care as well as ongoing symptoms and even disability. A brain injury lawyer in Burlington, VT makes sure clients receive compensation for all medical bills, physical therapy and other rehabilitative services, and lost wages. A settlement or court award may include compensation for physical pain and suffering, emotional trauma, and a decrease in quality of life. The person and the family may be awarded money to use for long-term psychological counseling.

A serious brain injury may lead to long-term or even lifelong consequences. The person may develop chronic depression and anxiety that was not characteristic before. There may be some difficulty with spoken or written communication, similar to problems an individual who suffers a stroke can have. Changes in the brain can cause issues with emotional control, and the person may exhibit outbursts of rage and sudden bouts of crying. There may be permanent personality changes and difficulty with remembering, problem solving and learning new information. There may be occasional unexplained dizziness or frequent severe headaches. Some people never recover from the physical and emotional changes that can result from a brain injury.

Research has found that these injuries seem to increase the risk of brain disease and disorders in the future. The person may be more vulnerable to developing dementia, Parkinson’s disease or seizures, for example. A truly scary prospect to deal with. A firm such as Affolter Gannon provides free consultation to brain injury victims and their families. More information can be found at the website website URL.

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