You Can Benefit From Hiring a Disability Attorney in Waukegan

by | Sep 14, 2020 | Lawyers

Having the ability to file for disability benefits is a right afforded to every citizen of the United States. When a person becomes permanently disabled, they have the right to receive disability benefits. Unfortunately, not everyone is approved when they file. Many are unfairly denied even when they have provided the required information. Nevertheless, a pursuit doesn’t have to end when a person is denied their benefits. Hiring a disability attorney in Waukegan can allow them to appeal and receive the benefits they need.

Filing for disability can be done online or in the Social Security Administration office. There are several required forms that will need to be filled out and medical documentation of the condition causing the disability will need to be provided. A disability attorney in Waukegan can assist their client with making sure all forms are properly filed and any required documentation is provided. This helps to ensure that no errors in filing will cause delays or denials.

Once an application has been filed, it goes through the review process. The debilitating condition must meet certain criteria, and the person filing must be found unsuitable for any type of work, based on their limitations, education, age and abilities.

A denial can be stressful. Many people make the mistake of giving up on the process because they feel there is no hope for receiving their benefits. An attorney can provide help by filing for an appeal on behalf of their client. This allows for a hearing to take place before a judge.

During the hearing, medical evidence can be submitted and the lawyer may also bring in medical professionals to testify to the disability. This allows people who were first denied to end up getting their benefits. Since benefits are paid retroactively, an approval means a lump sum payment dating back to the first file date.

To get help with filing for disability, contact The Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rabin & Associates, Ltd. He and his team will work to make sure the process is as stress-free as possible. Through filing for disability, you will finally get the benefits you deserve.