What Will You Have To Pay A Disability Lawyer?

by | Nov 13, 2017 | Lawyers

If you are disabled, either mentally or physically, you can fall back on Social Security for help. Although Social Security disability benefits are available, the sad reality is that two-thirds of those that apply are denied benefits, even though they have conscientiously paid FICA for years. There is an appeals process in place but this can extend the period of trying to make ends meet for a long time. Something can be done to increase the chances of early approval, hire a seasoned Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City to help you wade through the complex process of applying for SSDI or SSI.

Don’t be concerned about the cost:

It is understandable that someone that does not have a steady income will be concerned about any and all extraneous expenses. Do not be concerned, your lawyer works on a contingency fee basis.

When a lawyer agrees to take a case based on contingency this simply means that the lawyer is paid when you do, if you fail to be awarded benefits, you are not obliged to pay anything other than incidentals.

You and your lawyer will enter into a fee agreement that is put to the SSA for approval. The maximum legal fee that can be charged is 25 percent of the past due benefits you are awarded but no more than $6,000.

If your Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City is successful in winning your case, the SSA will determine the effective date of your disability. In most cases, this is close to the time when you last worked. It is this date that is used to calculate your past due to benefits and it is this amount that is used when determining your lawyer’s fee. The legal fee is paid directly to the lawyer out of this past due amount, all further disability benefit payments are to your account exclusively.

If you are disabled, mentally or physically, you can claim for benefits from Social Security. If you apply, only to be denied benefits you should hire a Social Security disability lawyer in Kansas City. For a free case review, you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group.