Why It’s Important to Hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer in Nassau County, NY As Soon As Possible

An automobile accident can leave people with debilitating injuries and prevent them from being able to carry out their normal daily activities and adequately support themselves and their family. Accidents that are caused by another person’s negligence can be even tougher, but there are ways to hold the responsible party accountable for their actions. After an accident, be sure to contact an automobile accident lawyer in Nassau County, NY so they can assist in recovering everything that a person may have lost.

Evidence Gathering

To prove that a person is at fault for a collision it is essential to glean a variety of evidence from the scene of the accident. An attorney will have access to any police-related filings and can subpoena witnesses to help add credibility to the case. It is not likely that a lay person will have the ability to gain access to this information, and that can have severe ramifications on the outcome.

Settlement Agreements

Most insurance companies will seek to settle a matter out of court to save time, money and preserve their reputation. Often, an insurance company will rush to present an injured person with a settlement amount in hopes that they will take the money and not attempt to barter over the amount or take a case to court. It is important to let an attorney review any settlement documents to ensure that the amount is adequate and that there are no provisions that could create hardship down the road.

Court Representation

If a settlement cannot be reached, then a case will go to court and a judge will decide the amounts awarded to the injured party. An automobile accident lawyer in Nassau County, NY will provide court representation and build a case that will get a person top dollar for any injuries or pain that they may have suffered. Don’t go into a court proceeding without the knowledge and guidance of an experienced lawyer.

An accident can leave a person unable to live normally. Don’t let someone else’s negligence lead to a life of hardship when the team at the Law Office of Steven R. Smith can help. Visit online today to learn more about the types of cases they represent and hold negligent drivers accountable for their actions.

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