Why It’s Important To Hire An Accident Injury Attorney In Birmingham, AL

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Accident Attorney

Accidents happen every day. It may be vehicle accident or maybe a slip and fall because of a wet spot on the grocery store floor. An injury may come from a stumble on an uneven and cracked sidewalk or from a defective product that never should have gone to market. No matter how the accident happened, if it was due to the fault of another, the injured person is most likely due compensation for their injuries. Of course, compensation doesn’t come easily and for most, representation by an Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL is the better way to ensure they will get the compensation they’re entitled to for their injury and loss.

Some people, when injured, sadly don’t realize that they are due any compensation. For example, they may feel a stumble on a cracked sidewalk is due to their clumsiness, when in reality, it’s because the city (or municipality) was negligent in repair. This injured person may wrongly assume that they’re responsible for medical bills, lost wages, and the financial ruin that can follow a prolonged injury, when in turn, the owner of the sidewalk is the one that should be held liable for these losses. By seeking the advice of an Accident Injury Attorney in Birmingham AL, the injured party may be surprised to learn that they can recover their medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and even many times be compensated for the emotional distress that accompanies this difficult time in their lives.

Fortunately, because financial hardship often follows an accident, many injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. This means that the injured can Meet Forstman & Cutchen for a free consultation to learn more about what compensation they may be due. Additionally, there is no upfront payment necessary to the attorneys when they agree to take a case. Instead, when the attorneys settle the case, they are entitled to an agreed upon percentage of the settlement as payment for their service. This is standard practice and is usually from 30-40% of the settlement. Of course, without the attorney, the injured party would most likely have had either a very small settlement or even none at all, so it’s well worth the cost to work with an attorney to secure fair compensation.

If you’re hurt in an accident due to the negligence of another, don’t try to handle it alone. Talk to an attorney today.