Why It Is Important To Hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Lawyers

Every year millions of people are involved in automobile accidents. Many think they can handle the crash reports on their own, or don’t even get their injuries examined in a timely fashion. It is imperative that they hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL immediately after the crash, as well as have their injuries tended to. This quick guide can let people know what to do following an accident.

What to Do Immediately After An Accident

The most important thing is to seek medical attention. Too often people do not realize they have been injured, so it’s best to get checked out right away. That should be followed by making sure the police respond so that a report can be filed and there are records of the incident. It is imperative that a personal injury attorney is then notified, as insurance companies will soon be involved and any injured party is better off being represented by counsel.

The Importance of Retaining an Attorney

When people hire an Automobile Accident Lawyer Hollywood FL, they are then protected from the aggressive tactics of insurance companies. These companies will surely have their own attorneys and experts fighting to keep settlements to a minimum, so it’s prudent for anyone involved in a crash to have someone representing them.

Who Pays For The Medical Expenses?

One benefit of hiring a lawyer is that they can manage the payment of medical bills after an accident. Lawyers can ensure that the bills are being paid as required by law, which takes a great deal of stress off of the client. An experienced law firm will even make sure that clients who do not have insurance will get the necessary care.

Get Represented By An Experienced Firm

For over 25 years, Floridians who have been involved in accidents have turned to the Law Offices of McCullough & Leboff. When an injured party hires a P.A. from that firm, they can rest assured they are being represented by an attorney with deep trial experience in personal injury, automobile negligence, insurance defense, and even general liability. Clients should have the luxury of being able to meet for a free consultation before committing.