Why Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT Is So Important After a Car Accident

Hiring a Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT for legal representation after a car accident can make a remarkable difference in the amount of financial compensation received. An attorney will not simply accept an insurance company’s first offer, knowing that this offer probably is much lower than the adjusters are allowed to pay. Effective negotiating is essential, and most individuals do not know how to do this with insurers.

A Stressful Situation

Being seriously injured in a vehicle collision is draining emotionally and financially. The person is doing what she can to recover from physical trauma while also trying to manage anxiety over a loss of income and feeling mentally stressed about what has occurred. Post-traumatic psychological stress is common after serious accidents, as the person has experienced first-hand how little control there sometimes can be in life.

A Loss of Income

The injured person may qualify for short-term disability payments, but that money usually is not enough to make up for the loss of income caused by not working. Many people can return to work at some point, but that might be months down the road.

Other Expenses

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Vernon CT negotiates for a settlement that not only covers medical expenses and this loss of income but any other related expenses the client has been paying for out of pocket. For example, if the person had to use taxi service because the vehicle was totaled or because the injury prevented him from driving, that expense should be compensated.

Insurance Claim Disputes

Hiring a law firm such as Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP is especially important if the insurer is disputing the claim for any reason. Adjusters sometimes say they have found evidence that the injured person was partly at fault for the collision and thus does not deserve payment from the other driver’s insurance.

For instance, that evidence might be a witness stating that the injured driver had been using a handheld cell phone. The adjuster may decide that the driver could not react quickly enough to traffic circumstances because of distraction by the phone conversation.

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