Why Hire Spousal Support Attorneys in Hackensack?

Going through a divorce is a stressful time for most, especially for those who have relied on their spouses for financial support for a long time. The most common reason for one spouse to stay at home while the other becomes the sole supporter of the household is raising children. With childcare costs in this country skyrocketing, this is often the most fiscally responsible decision. However, it can leave the caretaker in a bad position should the couple decide to part ways. Those who find themselves unable to find gainful employment due to child care concerns or lack of work experience may want to look into spousal support attorneys in Hackensack.

The decision as to whether or not to award spousal support after a divorce is one most often made in court. Having an experienced attorney who can explain the nuances of the law and aid to gather information about the case can help to ensure that justice is achieved. There is a wide variety of factors that come into play when a court decides whether spousal support is appropriate and, if so, how much is warranted.

Both parties’ financial resources must be taken into consideration, including the current and projected future income of the person seeking support. The court must determine whether each spouse is capable of finding and maintaining gainful employment that can support a reasonable level of comfort. Factors such as age, physical health, education, work history, experience and skill sets are all considered.

In addition to current and future employment, the length of the marriage and what assets were contributed by each party are determining factors. If the spouse who is seeking post-marital support stands to lose important financial assets such as earnings or benefits, it also plays a role in the court’s decision. In an ideal situation, both parties should be able to continue to enjoy a standard of living comparable to that which was established in the marriage.

It can feel awkward having to share these details with a court, but there is a process that must be followed. Spousal support attorneys in Hackensack help to gather and analyze information and ensure that their clients receive the settlements to which they are entitled. Browse Bremer Buckner, LLC for more information.

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