When to Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Philadelphia PA

by | Nov 17, 2021 | legalzonemedia

Whether you have just arrived in the USA or have been in the country for a while, you will know just how much of a pain the immigration system can be. In order to avoid legal issues or lengthy court cases, it is best to know which situations may require an immigration lawyer in Philadelphia PA. Gaining a visa isn’t the only one. Here are just a few of them you might not have thought about:

  1. Leaving a Job

The American Bar Association says that if you are in the country with a work visa, leaving your job even for a temporary leave of absence or if you are terminated can come with immigration issues. Before you leave your job voluntarily, check how long your visa will allow you to stay. If you are terminated or made redundant, contact your immigration lawyer in Philadelphia PA straight away to find out your rights.

  1. Lengthy Waits

The immigration and green card process is a lengthy one, but if you have been waiting an unreasonable length of time to hear back, a lawyer can help. They may have contacts within the system or simply provide a reminder that can speed up your response time.

  1. Starting a Business

America has long been known as the ‘land of opportunity’ for foreign business owners, but there is more to think about than just signing a lease. Buying real estate, employing others, and paying business taxes come with many legal requirements and not all visas may cover them. Again, talk to your Immigration lawyer before you sign anything.

There are many situations that can cause concern for immigrants, some of which may be alarming. But finding the best lawyer and contacting them with any and all concerns will allow you to live and work in the USA safely and legally.

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