When Is It Necessary to Hire Probate Attorneys in Moline, IL?

When a person is named as the executor of a loved one’s estate, there is no question it can become a daunting task. To avoid expenses, the person administering the estate may try to do everything on their own. While there are some estates that can be handled without any professional assistance, there are other situations that will need the services of probate attorneys in Moline, IL.

Family Member Discord

A common issue that often escalates quickly and threatens the entire administration process is when there is a discord with a family member. If a family member is not happy with the estate administration, they may begin the process to contest the will. This will drain quite a bit of money from the estate but can also spur more fighting and disagreements among the family. If it is clear there is going to be discord among the members of the family, it may be best to hire probate attorneys in Moline,IL.

The Estate Is Unable to Pay the Outstanding Debts

If the money in an estate can be used to pay outstanding debts, the majority of non-professional executors can handle the process without issue. However, for situations where the estate is unable to pay the debts, decisions will have to be made regarding how to handle the debts and what to do with unpaid obligations. An attorney can help with this and let the executor know which creditors have priority to receive payment.

The Estate Includes a Business

When an estate is complicated, the administration process is also going to be complicated. If the estate has a business, hiring an attorney to handle the process is the best course of action. The attorney will be able to ensure everything is handled properly and according to the law.

While it may be tempting for a person to handle a person’s estate without legal help, this isn’t always the best course of action. If any of the issues above are present, it is best to hire an attorney. More information about administering a person’s estate can be found by contacting the law office of David J Franks Attorney-at-Law.

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