What Should You Ask the Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI?

When someone is injured because of the neglect of another person, the victim holds certain rights for seeking fair compensation. Unfortunately, without the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI, these rights can be infringed upon. The process of pursuing compensation begins with a consultation meeting. It is imperative an injured victim knows the proper questions to ask their Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI.

What Questions Should Be Asked?

Preparing for the consultation appointment with the Personal Injury Attorney in Green Bay WI is essential so time will not be wasted. Before the meeting, it is imperative the injured victim gathers as many facts as possible. The more information that is supplied to the attorney, the better the chances of the attorney beginning to form a sound case.

It is also wise for an injured victim to write down some questions they may have about their injury case. People often grow nervous meeting with an attorney and can sometimes forget essential questions they want to ask. The following are some of the most important questions an injured victim should ask of their attorney.

• How much is the claim worth? Victims need to know how much their claim is worth so they will not settle for less than they deserve.

• What are the legal options? An injured victim needs to be given choices for pursuing compensation and offered advice on which route to take.

• Who will handle the case? An injured victim has the right to know who will be working on their case, outside of their attorney.

• What fees are involved? Most attorneys work on contingency, but an injured victim still needs to understand what they will be charged if their case is won.

• Is the case likely to be won? Most attorneys will not take on an injury claim unless they think they can win.
Schedule a Consultation

Those who have been injured need to seek help from an attorney. Contact the Brabazon Law Office LLC right away so they can get started on your case. With the advice of an attorney, injured victims receive fair outcomes.

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