What Does a Criminal Defense Attorney in Gonzales, LA Know That You Don’t?

A criminal defense attorney in Gonzales, LA spends years in law school learning their craft. It’s their business to keep up with the ever-changing laws that can affect their clients. Fortunately, a person doesn’t have to spend years in law school to learn some basic information that can keep them out of trouble.

Getting Pulled Over

A traffic stop can be initiated for any of some reasons. Perhaps a driver didn’t put the turn signal on for a lane change. Maybe they made a rolling stop. A driver could even be accused of reckless driving if they swerved to avoid something in the road and the officer doesn’t know the reason for the swerving. Whatever the case may be, a driver has to know how to interact with the police to avoid making matters worse.

More on Traffic Stops

A criminal defense attorney in Gonzales, LA knows that a driver shouldn’t make a scene if they know they are innocent of what they are accused of doing. It’s best to remain calm and cooperative during the traffic stop. Any issues related to the legality of the stop can be addressed later. A driver can easily get a disorderly conduct charge if they get too confrontational with an officer during a traffic stop. That can lead to an arrest and the driver’s car being sent to an impound lot. Visit website for more information.

A Final Word

Improper interaction with law enforcement has landed people in jail before and will continue to do so. If there isn’t probable cause during a traffic stop, a driver can refuse to have their vehicle searched. A person who is placed under arrest doesn’t have to talk to law enforcement. The first thing they should do is contact an attorney. Even if a person is innocent of the charges against them, they should only speak to law enforcement after consulting with a lawyer.

For the most part, interactions with law enforcement go smoothly for most individuals. Drivers should know their rights and should never escalate a situation during a traffic stop even if they know they are innocent of all allegations.

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