What a Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI Includes in a Demand Letter to an Insurer

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Lawyers

After a Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI completes the review of the client’s situation and gathers all essential documentation, it’s time to send a demand letter to the insurance company. The insurer may have already offered a settlement, but the amount may seem unreasonably low. In contrast, there may have been no offer made yet at all, and it may seem that the insurer keeps delaying. Even worse is a scenario in which the insurance company denies the claim altogether for one reason or another.

A Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaver Dam WI approaches the corporation with verification of the client’s injury and effects of the temporary disability, and evidence that the incident occurred the way the person has stated. The letter includes a specific dollar amount that the client is willing to accept for medical expenses, ongoing and future therapy, lost wages, and more intangible factors such as physical and emotional pain and suffering. The attorney includes information that might include the hazardous actions of the other individual who caused the accident, or the negligence of a commercial establishment to keep the property safe for visitors.

In many cases, the insurance company will respond with a counteroffer. This process may continue for some time as the attorney and the insurer work to reach an amount that is agreeable to both parties. The lawyer may start by asking for $8,000, and the insurer may counter with an offer as low as $3,000 or $4,000. Eventually, they will probably reach an acceptable amount somewhere in the middle of those two extremes.

The client will need to consider whether it’s imperative to receive a monetary payment relatively quickly or whether it’s worth it to wait for the possibility of receiving more. If this person has health insurance, for example, that insurance is likely to pay outstanding medical bills, which takes a load off the patient’s current financial burdens. That insurer is reimbursed with money from the settlement after this payment has been received. A firm such as QBS Law wants the client to get the financial compensation that’s deserved, but also understands that the client may need the settlement to catch up with bills. Visit the website for more information.