Vital FAQs Answered By A Personal Injury Attorney

In Austin, product liabilities are the direct result of a failure to eliminate risks. These risks are often associated with a flaw that is discovered during initial testing. The flaw indicates the responsibility of the manufacturer to correct it or to warn the public about situations in which it causes injuries. The following are vital FAQs answered by a personal injury attorney in Austin.

What is the Statute of Limitations?

The statute of limitations for the state of Texas is three years. The victim is required to file a claim before the statute expires. If they don’t file before this deadline, they cannot file a claim or acquire any compensation for their injuries.

Is It Necessary to Report Faulty Products to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency?

No, it isn’t legally required. However, the government agency is helpful to consumers. They have the authority to begin an investigation and determine what type of liability has occurred. In these cases, the product is faulty due to design or develops an issue somewhere between assembly and delivery. The chain of possession may also define what party is responsible. If the agency determines that the manufacturer is at fault, the agency must determine if the manufacturer was aware of the defect initially.

What is the Most Compelling Evidence?

In a product’s liability case, the most compelling evidence are the medical records and forensic testing. A private agency tests the product to measure the associated risks. Next, they conduct tests to identify all circumstances in which an injury could occur. They connect the evidence based on whether or not the victim’s injuries are conducive to at least one possible outcome.

What Happens if the Victim Settles?

Manufacturers are more likely to try to settle out of court to avoid extensive damage to their reputations. When an offer is made, the attorney presents it to the victim. It is up to the victim to determine if they accept it. However, if the victim accepts, they are no longer entitled to any additional awards in their case.

In Austin, manufacturers are held a stricter liability if they release dangerous products. They are guilty of negligence if they don’t manage these products according to federal law and a consumer becomes injured. Victims who need help with these cases hire a personal injury attorney in Austin by contacting the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez right now.

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