Tips for Choosing Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT After an Auto Accident

by | Sep 3, 2018 | Lawyers

Auto accidents are traumatic events, and dealing with the other driver’s insurance company only adds to the strain. At a time when a person might not know how to proceed, it may be difficult for them to determine whether they need a lawyer. When a victim suffers serious injuries in an accident, early consultations with Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT are the right choice. Below are a few tips to help drivers find legal help after being injured in an auto accident.

Act Quickly

The longer an accident victim waits to seek legal advice, the harder it becomes to take the case to trial. If the other person cooperates fully, it’s easier; however, if they refuse to help, a lawyer may be the only one who can get all the right information. Many attorneys offer free initial consultations in auto accident cases, which allows them to determine the legitimacy of the claim.

Do Some Research

TV is flooded with ads for lawyers who claim to collect large settlements for auto accident victims, but ads don’t tell the whole story. It’s important to research a lawyer’s record through the state’s bar association and to ask for references from friends, family, and other attorneys.

Hold Interviews

Talk with each lawyer to determine whether their experience and skills match the case. Ask these questions:

• How long has the firm handled auto accident cases?

• What percentage of the practice is focused on car accidents?

• Who will handle the case?

• What’s the attorney’s history with similar cases?

Perhaps most importantly, it’s important to feel comfortable with the lawyer. These cases often take a long time, and it’s much easier when there’s a good lawyer-client relationship.

Know the Cost

A driver’s auto insurer will not pay for them to hire a lawyer after they’re injured in an accident. Most Personal Injury Lawyers in Burlington VT work on contingency, which means they do not receive payment unless the client’s case is successful. Typically, the lawyer collects roughly one-third of the judgment or settlement, and the if the case is unsuccessful, the client pays nothing.

Call Today

Auto accidents are very stressful and frightening experiences, and many victims do not know where to turn. However, local law firms are ready to help. Visit the website or call McVeigh Skiff LLP to set up a consultation.