The Main Flaw with Standardized Real Estate Agreements, and What an Attorney Auburn in Indiana Can Do About It

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Real Estate Attorney

There is a standardized agreement for just about anything. Need to a buy a home? Home sellers have a standard purchase and sale agreement. Need to sell a house? Realtors use a standardized agreement for that exact purpose. Real estate is not the only place for standard agreements. Receiving a receipt is an agreement after buying anything- a cup of coffee or a new Toyota. Standard agreements have one main benefit, but a few key problems in real estate buying.

What is the Main Problem with a Standardized Agreement?

A standard agreement may not cover every little detail. It is sometimes broad. There are new specific stipulations. A small example is, say furniture. Who receives that? A standard agreement may make no mention of furniture or the difference in attached property and non-attached. A standard agreement can also slow things down later on once one party realizes they need a few more specifics to be added. This forces a revisit of the contract every time.

What is the Main Benefit?

The best thing (and perhaps the only good thing) is quickness. A standard agreement allows both parties with an Attorney Auburn in Indiana to confidently enter an agreement, or at least it seems that way. It’s quick to print up an agreement and make no adjustments. The problems come when there is a small concern with the sale. Standard agreements make sense when everything is simple. But, it often falls apart at the first sign of contention. It is acceptable for either party to have preferences and to make adjustments.

An Attorney Auburn in Indiana will adeptly review the contract based on the needs of the client. A standardized agreement is great, but it is a basis. From there, a client can make adjustments in a sidebar or attached page. A client can recommend what people typically do, and make recommendations based on what a client is expecting.

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