The Auto Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH Can Help Victims Obtain Bigger Settlements

Victims who are involved in minor fender benders will likely not need the help of Auto Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH because their claim will be a small one. Insurance adjusters are fairly easy to deal with when the claim is low. When a victim is owed thousands of dollars in compensation, this is when the stakes become higher for the insurance company, and they begin pulling out all the stops to ensure their bottom line is protected.

According to a research study published by the Insurance Research Council, injured victims who hire lawyers are able to obtain as much as 40% more in their settlement amount. This can equate to thousands more in payment than when a victim goes it alone. When a victim is representing themselves, they are typically going to be taken advantage of in the process of attempting to settle with the insurance company.

These are the four reasons lawyers can help victims get more money:

  • They can pursue a case in court if the insurance company comes back with an unfair settlement offer.
  • They hire private investigators so more evidence can be secured for a court, making a win less difficult to come by.
  • The lawyer can determine how much a claim is worth so the victim does not settle for less than they deserve.
  • Lawyers negotiate to get the highest settlement possible, and they will not give up until their client receives a fair outcome.

Hiring a lawyer does not cost a victim any money upfront. Even the consultation meeting is free. Once a victim decides to hire their lawyer, they will be given information on the fees that will be charged if the lawyer wins their case. If a win is not obtained, the victim does not owe anything for the services provided to them.

If you are facing dealing with the insurance company, it behooves you to hire the Auto Injury Lawyers in Dayton OH. For more information on your options for pursuing your claim, Visit website Domain. The lawyer will help you get the most from your settlement so your financial needs can be taken care of.

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