Starting a Divorce Case with a Law Firm in Waldorf, MD

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Lawyers and Law Firms

In Maryland, divorce proceedings involve the separation of two lives and the end of a marriage. When the cases start, the couple must make decisions about their assets and children. A law firm in Waldorf, MD helps couples by explaining their rights.

Choosing the Right Grounds

A no-fault divorce uses irreconcilable differences as the divorce grounds. It doesn’t assign any blame against either party. However, fault-based grounds require the petitioner to present evidence. The most common fault-based divorce grounds are adultery, spousal abuse or domestic violence, abandonment, incarceration and mental incapacity.

Addressing Child Custody Arrangements

Child custody arrangements are either based on sole or shared custody. The custodial parent makes most decisions for the child unless it is stated otherwise in the court order. The noncustodial parent is required to pay child support according to the terms of the order. Parenting time is divided in shared custody arrangements. However, sole custody arrangements often require supervised visitation.

Dividing the Estate Equally

The marital estate is divided equally according to state laws. The estate includes all assets accumulated during the marriage. It includes the marital home, automobiles, monetary assets, and other properties purchased during the marriage. Each party has the legal right to obtain an equal share of all assets. In some cases, properties are sold to provide a more balanced division of the property. Some couples may also alternate weeks with their child in the marital home.

Is Alimony Necessary?

Alimony is provided to help a spouse support themselves financially. The assignment is temporary or permanent depending on the needs of the spouse. Temporary alimony is provided to help a spouse adjust to divorced life or to pay for an educational program that increases their earning capacity. Permanent alimony is paid throughout the spouse’s life.

In Maryland, divorce cases require couples to reach an agreement to avoid a trial. The couple must divide the entire marital estate and make decisions about child custody. The terms of the divorce also define which party is responsible for debts and offers arrangements for filing taxes. Petitioners who need help from a law firm in Waldorf, MD can visit website domain now.