Retaining Shipping Lawyers In Dubai

Virtually all international movement of raw material and finished product in and out of Dubai is through the ports. As the maritime law is very different and has evolved separately from the corporate formation or business law, hiring specialized shipping lawyers will be essential to address concerns and contracts that can occur.

There is only a handful of experienced, knowledgeable shipping lawyers in the UAE. The international companies that are able to handle cases in this area of the law usually have offices in Dubai, but they also have offices throughout the UAE, and some have offices around the world.

Why Use Specialised Lawyers?

The nature of the types of disputes and issues that shipping lawyers address depends on the type of industry they are representing. Lawyers can work with shipbuilders to develop contracts and to set up international opportunities for growth and expansion.

Additionally, these lawyers will also work with the many charter boat companies in the area, catering to the growing tourism industry throughout the region. In this role, they may provide assistance in setting up a business, developing legal contracts and liability waivers and in ensuring all permits and industry regulations are met.

In addition, these lawyers are also used in assisting in the financing of all types of shipping businesses and endeavours. This can include finding secured lending for shipbuilders, coordinating and facilitating the sale or purchase of ships and vessels and in providing assessment and valuation for export credit financing or for asset value support needs.

In the United Arab Emirates, it is also important for many shipbuilding and maritime companies to comply with Sharia Law and Islamic funding requirements. As this is a very particular and unique aspect of this area, working with experienced lawyer’s familiar with both Islamic Law and the shipping industry will be essential. Click here for more information.

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