Reasons to Hire a Traffic Attorney in Junction City, KS

by | Jul 11, 2017 | Lawyers

Regardless of how carefully people drive, it would be difficult to find a person who’s never gotten a ticket. It’s common for drivers to pay their tickets and plead guilty, but this strategy can have harmful consequences. Below are several reasons to hire a traffic attorney in Junction City, KS.

Keeping Records Clean

If a driver pleads guilty to a moving violation, the conviction and points will remain on their driving record for a minimum of three years, with some convictions remaining on the driving record permanently. Traffic lawyers can negotiate with prosecuting attorneys to get tickets reduced to non-moving violations.

Saving Money

At the least, points on a person’s driving record will cause his or her auto insurance rates to increase. Many insurers increase monthly payments by up to 20% for each point on a person’s record. However, a traffic attorney can ensure that tickets are never added to the driver’s history.

Preventing License Suspension

In some instances, a person’s driving privileges may be in danger because of missed court dates, too many points, or failure to keep proper insurance. Various offenses, such as DUI, can result in license suspension, but a traffic attorney can help drivers keep their licenses in some cases.

Saving Time

Fighting tickets takes a significant amount of time, and the chances of winning a trial are low. If someone wants to fight a traffic ticket, they have to make multiple appearances and spend several hours in court. In most places, a traffic lawyer can appear on a client’s behalf, saving them valuable time.

Attorneys Know Clients’ Rights

If someone needs legal help, it’s better to hire a professional than to go through the legal process unaware of the state’s rules and procedures. While it’s possible for drivers to represent themselves in traffic cases, an attorney can provide legal help and advice that’s beyond the knowledge of most people.

Reasonable Cost

For most tickets, the cost of an attorney is reasonable. For the fee, a driver can save time by avoiding court appearances, save money by keeping auto insurance rates low, and save their license by avoiding suspension. The cost of having a traffic attorney in Junction City, KS significantly outweighs the costs of a guilty plea.

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