Qualifying for Social Security Disability

Social security disability is a wonderful benefit for people who have worked all their lives and suffered an incapacitating illness. The government provides benefits that you can collect if:

You’ve Worked Enough Hours

To qualify for privileges, you must have worked enough hours during your lifetime to earn credits. If you do not meet those few criteria, then you cannot receive a benefit.

Your Illness Qualifies

You must have an illness that is on the list of qualifying conditions. Examples of such illnesses are cancer, emphysema, multiple sclerosis and the like. The list contains some physical illnesses, some occupational diseases and some emotional and psychological disorders.

You Will Be Disabled More Than 12 Months

SS disability is only available for people who will be unable to work for 12 months or more. Furthermore, their activities must be severely limited, and they can only earn a certain amount of money. You may be eligible if you meet those requirements.

If you find that you do meet those criteria, you can apply for social security disability benefits, which will disburse to you a portion of the income that you used to make. Unfortunately, sometimes people receive denials and have to go through lengthy processes to have the decision overturned. You can shorten your wait and increase the probability of a positive outcome if you contact a social security lawyer in Waukegan.

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