Personal Injury Lawyer in Belvidere Can Help with Personal Injury Cases

If you are involved in a personal injury case, the main thing that you have to do is to determine the legal liability and find out who caused the accident that caused the bodily harm or death. Doing this can be very complicated and you should request the assistance of a personal injury lawyer in Belvidere from Fisk & Monteleone, LTD.

You can’t just step up to a judge and claim someone caused you to get hurt or caused the death of a loved one; it has to be proven based on current rules and regulations on personal injury law. That’s exactly what the expert personal injury lawyer in Belvidere from Fisk & Monteleone can do for you. We are here ready to listen to your story and determine if you have a basis for filing a lawsuit.

Determining Liability for Personal Injury

The majority of personal injury accidents happen due to someone else’s negligence. In this case, if someone gets into an accident, the person who was negligent is the one who normally would be required to pay for at least part of the expenses of the one that got injured.

In order to prove the liability legally, there are several situations that must have occurred and a personal injury lawyer in Belvidere can sort things out and determine who is at fault. Some possible situations are:

  • If the one who was injured or killed wasn’t where they were supposed to be or was somewhere they should have been able to anticipate the possibility of an accident, then the one who caused it may not be liable as they didn’t have an obligation to watch out for the injured party since they were not where they should have been.
  • If the person who was injured was careless and holds some fault for the accident, then their possible compensation could be lowered since they were partly responsible for the situation. This is called comparative negligence.
  • If someone is negligent and caused the accident when they were in the process of working for someone else, their boss could be legally responsible.
  • If the accident happened due to a danger on a property, i.e. it wasn’t maintained properly, the property owner is considered careless and therefore is liable. For instance, a spill on a store floor that the staff knew about but no one cleaned up, allowing for someone to slip and fall.

If you have been injured or a loved one killed in some sort of accident where someone else could be at fault, then you should contact our personal injury lawyers in Belvidere at Fisk & Monteleone today.

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