Managing A Dog Attack With A Personal Injury Attorney In Vernon, CT

In Connecticut, pet owners mitigate common risks associated with their dogs by keeping their pets indoors or within outdoor enclosures. The dogs are allowed in other outdoor spaces if the pet owner uses a leash. A Personal Injury Attorney in Vernon CT helps victims of dog attacks who need to file a legal claim.

Filing the Report

The victim has the option to contact the county animal control officer directly or allow their doctor to report the accident. The victim’s injuries determine which option is more feasible. The report leads to an investigation of the animal attack.

Verifying Rabies Vaccinations for the Dog

Any dog owner who fails to acquire vaccinations for their pet is in violation of state laws. Without a current record of vaccinations, the dog owner is required to surrender the animal to a 12-day quarantine. A licensed vet conducts the assessment of the animal and establishes if he or she has rabies. At the end of the quarantine, the vet reports back to the animal control officer.

If the pet has rabies, the vet is required by law to euthanize the animal as there isn’t a cure for the virus. If the pet doesn’t have rabies, the vet is required to give the dog all required vaccination including the rabies vaccine. The pet owner incurs the full cost of the quarantine in addition to the cost of the vaccinations. A fine is also included in the total cost as a punishment for failing to comply with state laws.

Strict Liabilities and Pet Owner Responsibilities

Strict liability applies if the pet owner was aware of any previous attacks involving their dog. Upon the discovery of any previous attacks, the pet owner is immediately liable for the victim’s injuries and related expenses. The pet owner is also required to provide compensation for pain and suffering.

In Connecticut, pet owners who don’t manage their dogs are liable when their pets attack humans. The severity of the victim’s injuries also plays a role in the monetary damages awarded to the victim. Dog attack victims who need help contact a Personal Injury Attorney in Vernon CT through Kahan, Kerensky and Capossela LLP now.

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