Insurance Claims are Easier With a Car Accident Injury Attorney in Spokane WA

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Lawyers

When an injured victim first files a claim with an insurance company, they will quickly learn the insurance adjuster is not on their side. The adjuster’s job is to deny or settle a claim quickly. They must also protect their company’s bottom line and work to settle for the least amount possible. An insurance company does not want an injured victim to be represented by a car accident injury attorney in Spokane WA because they know they will be held to a higher standard and could possibly be taken to court.

There are many statements an insurance adjuster might use to prevent a claimant from hiring an attorney:

  • Your claim is simple, and you do not need an attorney.
  • We can easily settle this claim.
  • An attorney will take most of the money you are awarded.
  • We are accepting fault, so there is no reason to hire an attorney.

These statements are meant to persuade a person to forgo their rights in hiring a Car Accident Injury Attorney in Spokane WA. The insurance adjuster knows they will have greater control over the outcome of the claim if the victim is not represented. Since many people are not aware of their legal rights, they can end up feeling forced to settle for far less than their claim is worth.

To safeguard a fair settlement, it behooves a victim to work with an attorney, especially if they feel the insurance adjuster is being unfair. Adjusters may deny a claim or attempt to pay less by asking for prior medical records in an attempt to prove there were preexisting injuries present. One can avoid problems in dealing with an adjuster by consulting with an attorney before they answer questions, give statements, or sign any forms.

When a victim is represented by an attorney, the adjuster cannot contact the victim directly. If the attorney cannot properly negotiate a fair settlement, there is always the option of a trial which would allow for a judge and jury to make the final determination.

If you are the victim of a serious car accident that was the fault of another driver, you have the legal right to hire an attorney. For more information on your rights and how an attorney can help, click here.