Injury Victims Should Hire Property Law Services in St. Louis, MO

As a landowner, one has the duty to prevent dangerous conditions on the premises. Failure to take precautions may leave one open to liability for injuries suffered by visitors. However, the liability depends on the categorization of people on the property, which include trespassers, licensees and invitees. The categories and the duties owed to each are discussed below.

Duties Owed by Landowners to Trespassers

A trespasser is a person entering another’s property without permission. Landowners have no duty to a trespasser of whom they are unaware, but they do have a duty to neutralize dangerous conditions for trespassers that are tolerated. According to attractive nuisance doctrines, landowners must take special care to prevent injury to trespassers under the age of 18. Parents of injured children should hire an injury lawyer for property law services in St. Louis, MO.

Duty of Care Owed to Licensees

A licensee has special privileges to be on another person’s property. Most, but not all, licensees are there for social purposes. For instance, a person walking across another person’s lawn with permission is a licensee. Here, the landowner has a duty to warn of hidden dangers and a duty to conduct operations in a reasonably careful manner. Injured licensees and landowners alike can benefit from the representation provided by a lawyer with a focus on property law services St. Louis, MO.

Duties Owed to Invitees

Invitees are people with permission to use or enter another person’s property either for business purposes or as a member of the general public. Landowners have a duty to inspect the building or land for dangerous conditions and an obligation to warn invitees of any hidden risks. Those facing a lawsuit from an injured invitee should hire a personal injury attorney to protect their legal rights.

Does a Victim or Defendant Need an Attorney for a Property Injury Case?

The resolution of an injury suit can depend on how the victim is categorized. Whether an individual is filing a lawsuit or they’re the one being sued, lawyers handling property law services St. Louis, MO can determine how state property laws affect the case. A personal injury attorney with Van Dillen & Flood, P.C. can also help clients with paperwork while providing courtroom representation.

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