Injuries Which Quality for Workers Compensation in Burlington VT

Despite protocols and procedures designed to protect employees from on-the-job injuries, accidents do happen from time to time. When an employee is injured on the job, they may be entitled to certain workers’ compensation benefits, such as payment of medical bills, compensatory wages, and catastrophic injury settlements. Three common injuries which qualify for Workers Compensation in Burlington VT are physical overexertion, trips and falls, and bodily reactions.

Physical Overexertion Injuries

Physical overexertion injuries are the most common type of workers’ compensation claim. These can be caused by a variety of activities in many different job settings. Pushing or pulling objects, lifting objects, and holding and carrying objects can all lead to injury by overexertion. Common examples of injury by overexertion include sprains and strains.

Trip and Fall Injuries

Trip and fall injuries are another common type of workers’ compensation claim. These can include tripping and falling on the same level, which can occur on any type of surface in any job setting, as well as falling from an upper level to a lower level, which tends to occur more often in a construction or repair job setting. Trip and fall injuries usually include sprains and strains, cuts and punctures, contusions, and fractures.

Bodily Reaction Injuries

Bodily reaction injuries are a third common type of workers’ compensation claim. Bodily reaction refers to the way that the body responds to an outside stimulus or external influence. These can occur in a variety of job settings and are caused by standing, bending, climbing, and reaching. They can also be caused by slipping and tripping without falling and remaining in the same position for an extended period. Sprains, strains, and contusions are all common bodily reaction injuries.

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