It Is Important to Understand Your Options When Consulting with Criminal Lawyers in Indianapolis, IN

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Legal Services

While you may understand that you have been charged and arrested, you need legal counsel to fully understand the steps that are involved in the court process. For example, you need to consult with a lawyer about such procedures as the filing of criminal charges, what takes place during an initial hearing, and the determinations made for bonds or bail.

Focusing on Your Defense

You can also consult with criminal lawyers in Indianapolis, IN about such legal processes as pre-trial conferences, sentencing, and appeals. Needless to say, you need to obtain full legal support for your case whether you were alleged to be involved or took part in illegal drug activity, theft, DUI, or another crime. As long as you know what to anticipate, you and your lawyer can better focus on your defense.

Advocates for Your Defense

Therefore, criminal lawyers who represent defendants who have been accused of crimes serve as advocates and make sure that their clients’ rights are protected during the court process. They diligently work to get the charges against a defendant dropped or reduced and carefully review all the evidence.

Performing Pre-Trial Investigations

In addition, criminal lawyers also perform pre-trial investigations. A pre-trial investigation includes interviewing police officers as well as witnesses. In turn, lawyers assess the evidence against their clients to make sure that all the information was legally obtained.

Securing Expert Witnesses

Other duties can include securing the help of expert witnesses such as private investigators or medical specialists. These people are asked to testify on a defendant’s behalf. Lawyers may also negotiate with prosecutors to, again, reduce their clients’ penalties.

The main objective of any criminal defense is to review a case from all angles and to search for any evidence that may have been missed or for inequities in the justice system. That is why you should browse the website for legal information about the criminal defense process. If you have been charged with a crime, do not delay in contacting a lawyer. Having an advocate on your side can mean the difference between a long period of jail time or a more lenient sentence.