Illinois Law Firm Johnson & Goldrich to Drivers: Know Your Rights

by | Jul 25, 2020 | Law Firm

Holding an Illinois driver’s license comes with privileges as well as responsibilities. Failure to abide by the rules and regulations of the state could result in suspension or revocation of that license. Either situation doesn’t just mean the inability to operate a motor vehicle; it may also mean loss of income because there is no reliable form of transportation available. Here’s more on the importance of staying valid and license reinstatement in Illinois.

It’s a great idea to keep track of driving history and license status even when the license is completely valid according to the Secretary of State as, for instance, license status effects what can be done on the job assuming power equipment is involved. Driving profiles and car insurance rates are intimately intertwined. Those with spotty driving records will be seen as more of risk by insurers. More points mean higher rates and more out of pocket costs.

License reinstatement in Illinois starts with a phone call and/or consultation with a hearing officer at any hearing officer facility location. They can inform each driver on whether they need to participate in a formal or informal meeting about licensing status. Ultimately, the hearing may result in one of three outcomes:

  • Restricted Driving Status – With Permit
  • Full Restoration of Driving Privileges
  • Denial of Partial or Full Driving Privileges

Once the Secretary of State approves full restoration of those privileges, fee payment and proof of insurance are required. Attorneys at Johnson & Goldrich, PC can assist with license reinstatement for residents of Illinois. Send them message or call today.