If You’ve Been Injured by a Truck, Call an Experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Honolulu

When first responders are rushing to the scene of an accident between a car and a truck, they expect critical injuries or deaths. The truck may be relatively undamaged, but the car is probably mangled beyond recognition. Major efforts will generally be needed to remove people from the wreckage.

Every Truck Accident Lawyer in Honolulu has talked to survivors and loved ones in the aftermath of truck/car accidents. In the last two decades, there has been more than a 20% increase in the number of accidents involving a truck. With more vehicles of all types on the road, drivers need to be more cautious than ever around trucks.

Protect Yourself – Defensive Driving Tips Around Trucks

     *     Avoid driving between two trucks.

     *     Avoid tailgating as tractor-trailers have more blind spots than cars. If you can’t see the truck’s mirrors, the truck driver can’t see you.

     *     If it’s necessary to pass a truck, do so quickly so that the car doesn’t remain hidden in one of the truck’s blind spots.

     *     Avoid cutting in front of a truck or slamming on the brakes in front of a truck as trucks take much longer to stop than cars, especially if the truck is fully loaded.

     *     Stay calm. Road rage is an especially bad idea around trucks.

     *     If a truck is turning right, be prepared for the truck to move into the left lane during the turn.

     *     If driving near a truck on a windy day, be extremely cautious when passing or driving closely behind the truck as the truck could suddenly shift lanes or even be blown over.

The Top 3 Reasons for Trucking Accidents

     *     Driver Error.

     *     A mistake by the truck driver is 10 times more likely to be the cause of the accident than any other factor. Most often, the accident was caused by driver fatigue, distractions, not paying attention, or substance abuse.

     *     Equipment Failure.

     *     Tires, brakes or other equipment can fail. Poor maintenance or defective products are often involved.

     *     Bad Weather.

     *     Trucks take even longer than normal to stop on slippery roads and don’t steer as well. The best thing that drivers of cars can do is to stay as far away as possible from trucks.

If you’ve been involved in an accident involving a truck, call Yoshida & Associates. This experienced Truck Accident Lawyer in Honolulu has been fighting for his clients for over 30 years. Visit Autoaccidentattorneyhonolulu.com to learn more and contact the office.

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