Hurt by a Semi-Truck? Truck Accident Lawyers in Loveland Can Help

Being in any type of auto accident can be scary, but even more scary when a semi-truck is involved. When injured in an accident involving a tractor trailer truck, truck accident lawyers in Loveand can protect your rights and well-being. Burton & Burton can help determine the factors that caused the occurrence to happen. It is not as easy as a simple car accident, which is why it is best to let a professional injury attorney guide the process.

What Steps Should Be Taken Post Accident?

Determining Responsibility

Since the trucking industry is governed by the federal government, there are minimum standards of operation, drive time regulations, and mandatory inspected repairs of these trucks that should take place. Often times, since there are so many parties involved (i.e. the driver of the truck, truck owner, the trucking company, insurance companies), it is difficult to determine where the fault lies unless it is clear-cut such as a mechanical failure or poor maintenance, which is not the case most of the time.

Get Medical Attention

Truck accidents can be very dangerous and sometimes even fatal. Injuries can go on for long periods of time requiring intense medical attention, follow up visits, and therapy. Truck accident lawyers in Loveland can help to deal with insurance companies ensuring the medical treatment that is needed.

Gathering Records

This can be anything from the medical records and police reports to any proof that work has been missed leading to lost wages. Medical records need to be dated back to when the injury occurred. They need to be detailed, giving the extent of the injuries and any follow-up that will need to take place.

A daily journal of how the injuries have affected you is a good way to convey how bad the injuries may be and the lasting impacts they may have. The police reports should show what the officers on the scene observed and any eye witness testimonies. Lost wages can make up a significant part of the claim as well, so it is important to get the dates that work was missed.

To avoid all of the challenges that come with being involved in a truck accident, let the experienced attorneys of a firm help ease the process.

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