How to Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

There are many different criminal defense lawyers available, and people may feel a bit overwhelmed when they need to find one to help them with a case. There isn’t a one-fits-all answer, as each person’s needs are different. However, there are a few tips below that can help anyone find the right criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton, GA, for their needs.

Experience and Prior Cases

A person will want to look for a lawyer who has significant experience working on criminal cases and particularly in cases similar to theirs. If a lawyer only handles fraud cases, that lawyer might not be the right one for someone who is accused of assault, even if the attorney does have experience in criminal law in general. Take a look at the lawyer’s cases and experience together to narrow down the options.

Outcome of Prior Cases

Another way to narrow down the options is to take a look at the outcomes of their prior cases. Does every case end in a plea bargain? Is there a combination of guilty and not guilty verdicts, with some plea bargains when necessary? The person would want to make sure that the lawyer will make the right choice for their case, not try to plea bargain when it isn’t the right result just to finish the case faster to take on another case.

Results of Consultation Meeting

Once the person has a few lawyers in mind, the person should have a consultation meeting with each. This is where they’ll find out what the lawyer believes could be the outcome of the, based on a preliminary strategy and the evidence at hand. The person will want to make sure the lawyer is willing to put the time into their case to find a far better outcome and to try to minimize the penalties the person is facing.

By using the tips above, you can find the right criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton, GA, to help with your case. If you’d like to talk to a criminal lawyer today about your case, contact Daniel M. Barnes and Associates for a consultation and find out how they can help you.

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