How to Handle Dog Bite Attacks to Obtain Compensation

Dog bite attacks can happen to anyone. When they do, a person needs to know how to handle them so they can make sure all appropriate measures are taken for them to obtain the compensation they need to cover medical and other injury-related bills. This is especially important if the attack caused serious injuries. The person needs to make sure they seek medical attention first, then talk to a lawyer to find out what their options are for obtaining the compensation.

Seeking Medical Attention
Medical attention provides three benefits for the person who was attacked. The first, and most important, is that they make sure the injuries heal and that they did not get any kind of disease, like rabies, from the dog that bit them. The second is that they can prove the dog did bite them and cause injuries. The third benefit is that they can show the severity of the injuries they incurred because of the dog attack. The second two benefits are important when it comes to obtaining compensation for the person’s injuries.

Seek Help from a Lawyer
A lawyer may be needed to help a person obtain compensation, especially if the dog owner did not have homeowner’s or other insurance that might cover dog bites. The lawyer is going to need to know exactly what happened and will need to see the medical bills resulting from the accident. That determines the amount of compensation the person is going to be able to receive. If anything else was damaged during the attack, the lawyer will need to know about that as well when determining compensation. Once the lawyer has all of the information they need, they’ll start working on obtaining compensation for their client.

If you’ve been the victim of a dog attack, make sure you seek medical attention right away, then, contact a lawyer who works on cases like dog bite attacks. The lawyer can help you obtain the money you need to cover the medical bills so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay for them. For more information, please contact Dulaney Lauer and Thomas, LLP today.

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