How Much Do You Know About Family Law In Rochester MN?

by | Mar 9, 2018 | Lawyers

Individuals who have gone through a divorce or child custody dispute often believe they know the law pretty well. The law changes quickly, and only an attorney who practices family law in Rochester MN will know what the current law states. Understanding the divorce process, how property is divided, and what the court considers when creating a child custody order requires the help of a family law attorney.

Equitable distribution of a divorce does not mean that both parties will receive fifty percent of the debt and assets. The court will decide what is fair and equitable if the couple cannot agree. In some situations, one individual might be required to pay off all of the couple’s debt and the other could receive a large portion of the assets.

Child Custody

Child custody is another area of family law. This subject can be a point of problems when getting a divorce. Each parent is concerned about not seeing their child as much as they previously did.

The court is only concerned about the best interest of the child and the standards have recently changed. This standard includes the child’s physical, emotional, cultural and spiritual needs. It also includes any special medical, mental health or educational needs of the child.

The court will consider a child’s preference and if there is any history of domestic violence. Physical, mental health or chemical health issues of the parents will be taken into consideration, as well as the history and nature of a parent’s participation in caring for a child. There are many more standards the court will consider and an attorney who practices Family Law in Rochester MN can explain all of them.

Child Support

It is the responsibility of both parents to financially support their child, even after a divorce. Support will usually last until the child’s 18th birthday or the day they graduate from high school after their birthday. The court will take into account which parent pays for medical coverage and daycare expenses.

A caring family law attorney understands the emotional roller coaster an individual is on when they are dealing with issues that are so close to their heart. If you are facing a family law case, please Click Here for more information about the legal help you need.