How Injured Persons Can Receive Legal Advice in Charles County MD If They Cannot Afford a Lawyer

by | Mar 25, 2016 | Lawyers

U.S. citizens have the constitutional right to an attorney if charged with a crime, which means the court will appoint a lawyer for people who cannot afford one. This right to an attorney does not apply in other circumstances, however. That’s why lawyers handling certain other types of cases offer their services on a contingency basis. They receive a specified percentage of the settlement or court award they acquire for each client. That means people can receive legal advice in Charles County MD and representation as plaintiffs in personal injury cases without having to pay upfront fees. In fact, if a person has been denied compensation by an insurance company and the law firm does not obtain a settlement or win the case at trial, the firm will not receive any fees.

This arrangement is advantageous to both the injured person and the law firm. The person who was hurt in an accident can obtain legal advice in Charles County MD and representation even if he or she does not have much in the way of savings. This is especially important when someone cannot return to work for weeks or even months, and has no income during that time. The law firm is able to accept many cases it otherwise could not. It also does not waste an injured person’s time by pursuing cases the attorneys are pretty sure they cannot win.

For instance, the state of Maryland allows insurance companies to deny claims if the injured person was partly at fault for the incident. A pedestrian who was struck by a vehicle may be denied financial compensation if it is determined he did something that contributed to the incident. He might have tried running across a busy street against the light and outside of a crosswalk. Even worse, he might have been doing this while glancing down at a text message, or he might have been legally intoxicated.

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