Hire a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL for Claims Help

Most people spend a substantial length of time at work. Although some jobs are riskier than others, any employee can be hurt at work. The worker’s compensation system is designed to offer benefits to those hurt on the job, including disability payments and medical care. Below are several steps to take in the event of an on-the-job injury.

Report the Illness or Injury

Notify a manager or supervisor as quickly as possible after an event occurs. If the injury or illness is the sort that develops over time, it’s important to let the company know about it as soon as it’s connected to the job. Prompt reporting not only means receiving benefits and treatment sooner, but it also protects the worker’s right to compensation. Under state law, even a 30-day delay may cause the denial of a worker’s comp claim.

Get Medical Care

If the injury occurs suddenly and has to be treated right away, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency room. Be sure to tell staff that the injury is related to work.

Fill and File a DWC-1 Form

Employers must give workers DWC-1 forms within one day of reporting an injury. Read all instructions and fill out the appropriate part of the form. Be sure to describe the illness or injury and its effects on all parts of the body and deliver the form in person or mail it by certified mail. Claims administrators must accept or deny claims within a reasonable timeframe, which is typically 90 days.

Keep Records

During the claims process, a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL will advise clients to save all documents related to the claim, the injury, and their treatment. These include:

• The DWC-1 form and correspondence with claims administrators

• Doctor bills, medical reports, and insurance claims

• Pay stubs from the period before, during, and after medical treatment

• Proof of injury-related out-of-pocket expenses such as prescription copays and travel costs

Hire an Attorney

If a worker’s compensation claim is denied or the company isn’t responding, a worker should consult a Workers Comp Attorney in Melbourne FL to learn about their rights under state law. Call Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille to learn how the firm can help workers resolve disputes, prepare the necessary documents, and meet filing deadlines.

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