Getting Help from Domestic Violence Attorneys in Houston

Why is domestic violence such a hot topic? One reason may be that you cannot turn the TV on without hearing about it. That is why the legal system takes this crime so seriously. It is hard to imagine living with someone who hits or otherwise abuses you. Most domestic violence cases involve slapping and pushing. However, some cases involve murder and serious injuries. In many jurisdictions, abusers are charged with murder and aggravated assault. That is because there are no separate statutes for domestic violence. To counter this, many jurisdictions have special domestic violence courts. In these courts, first-time offenders are urged to take anger management classes. If so, the charges may be dismissed.

People with serious charges need domestic violence attorneys in Houston. Visit a law firm’s website and click where it says contact us. Schedule an appointment and discuss the case with an attorney. Indeed, domestic violence charges are too serious to handle alone. For instance, cases are more serious if a loved one is involved rather than a stranger. Also, many areas have mandatory sentences that involve jail time. Repeat offenders are treated harshly, but that may be difficult to prove. That is because many people are afraid to report abuse. Unfortunately, victims are scared and intimidated. Likewise, prosecutors have a difficult time convincing them to testify. Experts say domestic violence crimes are difficult to prosecute.

That is why certain laws make it easier to convict an abuser. For example, the prosecution can use evidence from prior domestic violence cases. In some courts, the judge will hear the evidence before allowing it. Moreover, laws are in effect that punishes those with convictions. It may be difficult for them to own a gun or ammunition legally. The federal law affects anyone convicted of a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence. Misdemeanors are crimes involving physical force or a threat to use a deadly weapon. Additionally, people who are not citizens can be deported if convicted. There is no doubt that domestic violence is a serious offense. If you have a case, look for domestic violence attorneys in Houston. Contact the Law Office of Jesse Hernandez today.

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