Get Legal Help From a Slip And Fall Law Firm in Lancaster

Slip and fall accidents occur for many reasons and are sometimes the fault of negligent property owners who do not keep their property safe. It is important injured victims exercise their rights and hire a slip and fall law firm in Lancaster. A lawyer cannot guarantee the outcome of any injury claim, but they can aggressively work to ensure their client receives a fair outcome and has their rights protected through the process.

These four elements must be proven in a slip and fall injury claim.

The injured victim must first prove the duty of the defendant. The defendant must own the property where the fall occurred or have controlled or operated it. Property owners and managers have a responsibility to properly maintain their properties so they are reasonably safe. Being able to prove duty is paramount for pursuing a slip and fall injury claim.

A victim must also prove notice. If the property owner was aware of the safety risks and did not warn individuals, they can be held liable for the injuries that were caused by a slip and fall. The lawyer must be able to prove the property owner acted outside of industry norms and did not provide a safe environment. If a property owner was aware of risks and did not correct them or warn visitors, notice can fairly be established.

The plaintiff must prove a dangerous condition existed and was the cause of their fall. It cannot be a simple defect that caused someone to fall, it must be an obvious safety risk that has the potential for causing harm. The defendant should have taken care of the dangerous issue to prevent injuries.

A victim must have substantial evidence to prove the injuries they suffered were a direct result of the accident. This can often be difficult without the help of a lawyer who has worked with defining damages.

Injured victims often need the help of a slip and fall law firm in Lancaster. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury that was caused by a negligent property owner, you can learn more about your legal options when you click here.

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