Filing an Auto Accident Claim in Luzerne County, PA

by | Jul 18, 2017 | Lawyers

Any individual who survives an auto accident is bound to go through some demoralizing experiences. The injuries resulting from an auto accident may be very severe and lead to an extended stay in the hospital.

Adverse Effects of Accidents on Victims

This, in turn, leads to missed work time, excessive hospital bills, emotional and psychic trauma, as well as the charges for continuing physical therapy. This ensures that the individual is physically, emotionally, and financially traumatized.

Getting Justice

It is not fair for the individual involved in an auto accident that’s not his or her fault to suffer alone and bear the cost of hospital bills and physical therapy. The other party has to take responsibility for the damage that has been done. A successful Auto Accident Claim in Luzerne County PA enables victims of an auto accident to get justice.

Victims Must First be Taken to a Hospital

Even in cases where the victims of auto accidents don’t appear to have any physical injuries, it is essential that they are taken to a hospital. There may be internal bleeding and other internal injuries that may not be apparent.

If left untreated, such injuries may result in death or severe damage. Also, going to the hospital ensures that an official record of all the injuries sustained is kept. These records serve as documents which will help in the process of making an auto accident claim.

Proper Legal Representation

It is important that victims don’t talk to claims adjusters without expert legal representation. These claims adjusters do not have the victim’s best interest in mind. They work for the insurance firms and are only there to mitigate the financial repercussions of their employers.

Limit all communication with insurance firms and their representatives until the victim has secured proper legal representation.

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