Filing a Claim for a Dog Attack with an Accident Lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Mar 22, 2018 | Lawyers

In Virginia, pet owners follow local laws to lower the risk of a dog attack. The laws require the owner to maintain control over the pet and prevent them from running loose around their neighborhood. An accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA helps the victim recover their losses and obtain compensation.

Serious Injuries Sustained in Dog Attacks

More serious injuries lead to further assessments of the attack. After a dog attack, the animal control officer investigates to determine what happened. Common circumstances that apply are whether or not the victim broke the law and if the dog had an aggressive temperament. Serious attack injuries are often related to a dog defending their home or dogs that were trained for criminal activities.

Strict Liabilities Incurred by Pet Owners

A strict liability applies when the dog was reported previously in a different attack. The same liabilities could apply if the pet owners were convicted of dog fighting and training dangerous dogs. If a strict liability was identified, the pet owners must pay an additional tort-based award to the victim.

The Fate of the Animal

All dogs that weren’t vaccinated are required to undergo a 12-day quarantine. However, the animal control officer has the authority to require extensive assessments to gauge the dog’s temperament. A licensed vet identifies conditions that indicate whether or not the dog was involved in dog fighting rings and/or poses a risk to society.

The Outcome of the Case

Typically, the outcome of the case is determined by the pet owner’s liability. If a liability is proven, the pet owner pays all medical expenses for the victim and replaces the victim’s wages. Any strict liabilities are addressed through tort-based awards. Any criminal activities are punished through criminal court. If the victim broke the law, they will be penalized according to their offense.

In Virginia, pet owners are accountable if a visitor or neighbor is injured due to a dog attack. The liability leads to monetary damages for the victim. The monetary damages cover the medical expenses and financial losses of the victim. Claimants who need help can contact an accident lawyer in Virginia Beach, VA through website.