FAQs That an Attorney in Junction City, KS Can Answer About Child Custody

by | Oct 24, 2017 | Lawyers

In Kansas, divorcing couples may have questions and concerns when they start their divorce proceedings. These questions may relate to child custody and how it is arranged by state laws. An attorney in Junction City, KS can provide answers to common questions that help petitioners determine the most effective course of action.

How Can Active-Duty Military Members Acquire Joint Custody?

Yes, active-duty military members can acquire joint custody of their children; however, certain stipulations may apply to these arrangements. Whenever the military member is deployed or must attend training missions, they must have a parenting plan in place to manage the children in their absence. Typically, the plan provides one of their family members with authority over the child in the parent’s absence.

What Stipulations Apply to Supervised Child Visitation?

Supervised visitation with a child is required when a parent poses a threat to the child’s well-being or is involved in any risky behaviors such as drug or alcohol addiction. The visitation is managed by an officer of the court or a family member appointed by the court. The stipulations require the individual who is monitoring visitation to end these visits if the parent fails to abide by rules such as refraining from using drugs around the child.

What Can Parents Do If Visitation Is Denied?

A child custody arrangement is enforced through a court-order; any deviations from the schedule must be discussed with the judge. Any parent that denies visitation is in violation of the court order and could face criminal charges and civil penalties for these actions.

Is It Necessary to Pay Child Support Through the Court?

No, it is not necessary to pay child support through the court; however, some parents prefer this arrangement. This ensures that the court receives the payments required by the non-custodial parent and sends the payments to the custodial parent. Also, this arrangement could prevent the parents from harassing each other.

In Kansas, a divorce requires the parents to establish a child custody arrangement if they can agree to these terms. The arrangements provide equal time with the child whenever possible; however, additional stipulations may apply to some cases. Parents who need assistance with these cases contact an attorney in Junction City, KS through Oleen Law Firm or visit the website for more details.