FAQs That a Workers’ Compensation Attorney in Nassau County, NY Can Answer

In New York, federal laws require business owners to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. The stipulations of the law state that the policy is necessary if the owner hires more than one worker. This applies to any employee including family members. A workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY represents employers who were denied access to applicable insurance benefits.

What Conditions Lead to a Denial?

Workers must follow all safety policies. They must wear protective work gear as directed in the policies, which includes adequate footwear that lowers the chances of a fall. Workers must also follow drug and alcohol policies. If they weren’t compliant, they are denied access to benefits.

What Is a Qualifying Injury?

A qualifying injury occurs while the worker performs their job duties. The injuries may also occur as a result of an OSHA violation or hazard found in the building. The hazard could equate to building code violations, faulty machinery, or the presence of harmful substances. A qualifying injury equates to an immediate physical injury or an occupational disease.

What Percentage of Their Wages Do Workers Receive?

A workers’ compensation policy provides coverage for all related medical costs. It also provides sixty percent of the worker’s wages during their recovery period. The claim’s adjuster establishes how long the worker receives the monetary benefits. They calculate the monetary benefits according to the worker’s current wages.

What to Do After a Denial

The first step is to provide all documentation to an attorney, such as medical records for the injuries and information about how the injuries were produced. The attorney must take immediate action to acquire any surveillance footage of the accident. The footage provides more compelling evidence that shows the exact actions of the worker.

In New York, federal laws require workers’ compensation insurance if the employer hires workers. The coverage mitigates risks that could generate a serious loss for the worker. It pays for medical treatment and offers monetary benefits during the worker’s recovery. Workers who need assistance from a workers’ compensation attorney in Nassau County, NY contact the Law Office of Steven R. Smith or click here for more information right now.

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