Examining the Details with a DWI Lawyer in Queens County, NY

In New York, drunk driving is a serious offense that leads to hefty fines, jail sentences, and driver’s license suspensions. The state enables officers to test drivers suspected of impaired driving due to an implied consent ruling. A DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY can provide a legal defense for drivers who are charged with this infraction.

What Is the Blood Alcohol Content Reading for a DWI?

Everyone at least twenty-one years of age who drives with a blood-alcohol reading of 0.08% will be found guilty of the DWI. All drivers who operate commercial vehicles are guilty with a reading of 0.04%. Any driver who is under the age of twenty-one is guilty with a reading of at least 0.02%.

What Are the Specific Drunk and Impaired Driving Charges?

The state recognized four forms of drunk and impaired driving. First, a standard DWI is imposed if the driver’s tests show a reading of 0.08% due to alcohol consumption. Next, a DWAI-Drugs indicates that the impairment was caused by controlled substances found in the bloodstream. The DWAI-Combination indicates that the driver was intoxicated and under the influence of controlled substances. An aggravated DWI indicates that the driver’s blood-alcohol content reading was at least 0.18%.

What Are the Penalties for the 1st Conviction?

For underage drivers, the first conviction imposes a driver’s license suspension of at least six months. A $125 civil penalty is applied along with a $100 fee for restoring the driver’s license. The driver must attend alcohol education programs and install an ignition interlocking device into their vehicle.

All drivers who are at least twenty-one will receive a driver’s license suspension for ninety days. A fine that ranges between $300 and $500 are imposed. They’ll pay an annual assessment fine of $250 for three years. They could face a maximum of fifteen days in jail. The drivers must also attend alcohol education courses.

In New York, drunk driving offenses are imposed on all drivers who are over the legal limit. The crimes are often the cause of serious auto accidents with fatalities. Defendants who need legal assistance for an infraction can contact a DWI lawyer in Queens County, NY through the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini, III or visit the website for further details now.

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