Divorce Lawyers In Thiensville WI Can Help During This Process

For some couples agreeing to a divorce can be a mutual feeling. They may be able to agree on the split of the assets, debts and custody of the children. Even if they agree, each person should have a lawyer review an agreement. There is specific language that must be in a divorce decree for it to be legal. Other couples agree on very little during the divorce process. Divorce lawyers Thiensville WI can help someone navigate the divorce process. The lawyer may recommend the couple choose a collaborative divorce. This type of divorce is usually very successful and results in less animosity between the couple.

Each person has their own divorce attorney to represent them during the proceeding. The couple must provide all of the necessary information needed during the process to come up with a plan that both of them will be happy with. This plan includes the division of assets, child support, child custody, maintenance and every aspect of the divorce procedure. This helps each person to be active in the decision making instead of a judge or mediator making the decisions for the divorce. If a couple refuses to continue with a collaborative divorce after it was agreed to by the couple, both attorneys must withdraw from the case. This means that each person will have to hire another attorney to represent them in the divorce.

Collaborative divorce lawyers in Thiensville, WI are only one member of a collaborative team. Coaches can help encourage the couple during this difficult time. A psychologist can assist with the emotional issues that can arise during a divorce. Children who feel confused, anxious, nervous or sad about the break-up of their family can also receive the necessary help they need. For some couples, a collaborative divorce will not be an option. Anger and lack of trust between divorcing couples will eliminate a collaborative divorce from being possible.

If your marriage is over, contact Fraker Law Firm S.C. to discuss the various options available for obtaining a divorce. Their years of experience will help to make the process resolve quickly and they will offer all of the legal advice needed during this time.

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