What Do Divorce Lawyers in Angola, Indiana Do?

by | Jan 23, 2018 | Attorneys

Divorce lawyers in Angola, Indiana are legal professionals whose practices are primarily focused on the representation of clients considering ending their marriages. There is a wide variety of tasks they might perform which depend largely on what type of case they are handling and how complex it is. These might include dividing assets, settling child support and spousal support issues, and making arrangements for child custody.

Acquiring Information

Divorce lawyers devote a good deal of time and energy to accumulating information about their clients’ cases from the clients themselves and other interested parties. This information can then be used to file paperwork and come up with a strategy for court. Given the emotional nature of most divorce hearings, it can take a while to communicate essential information, so lawyers often schedule many meetings with their clients prior to filing the first round of paperwork.

Drafting Documents

Once they have all the information they need, divorce lawyers can draft documents for their clients’ cases. These might include correspondence with opposing counsel, motions related to custody and child support, or even occupancy of a shared home. They must also draft replies to any paperwork or motions filed by opposing attorneys.

Consultations with Other Professionals

It is often necessary for divorce lawyers in Angola, Indiana to consult other professionals in the field regarding particular elements of their cases. These professionals may be psychologists, social workers, accountants, or even other attorneys. The information they acquire during these consultations can then be used to develop a more effective strategy for their own clients.

Preparing for Court

Even a relatively straightforward divorce case might require clients to appear in court. Should this be the case, the lawyers will help them prepare prior to each court appearance. This help can be invaluable in establishing a solid case and creating a good impression in court.

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