Did You Know That Personal Injury Attorney In Wetumpka AL Can Help You Receive A Settlement?

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Lawyers

An accident that involves injuries because of a negligent act of another individual can cause pain, suffering, and financial stress. In Alabama, pain and suffering are considered the physical and mental pain an individual suffers from a personal injury. This can include anxiety, worry, nervousness, grief, terror, and many other negative emotions and feelings.

Due to pain from their injuries, a victim could have difficulty sleeping and functioning on a daily basis. With the help of a Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL, a victim can maximize their financial compensation from a negligent party. Serious injuries can result in the victim becoming withdrawn from their regular life to their suffering.

Filing A Claim

A personal injury lawyer will help the victim file a claim against the negligent party’s insurance company. They will immediately begin building a case. In the event the insurance company is not offering a fair settlement, the attorney will be ready to proceed to court.

There are no caps on how much money an individual can receive for their pain and suffering. A jury will determine how much a victim should be compensated. It will be based on the injuries and how well the attorney presented the facts. The length of time the individual has suffered and the extent of the injuries will determine the amount of money they should receive.

Harassing Telephone Calls

As soon as a victim contacts an attorney, the insurance company will no longer be able to contact a victim and harass them. Insurance adjusters will try to force the victim to settle as quickly as possible. Once an individual signs a settlement agreement and returns it to the insurance company, they will no longer be able to make any claims for the injuries. A Personal Injury Attorney in Wetumpka AL should always be involved in cases that involve injuries.

There is no reason you need to suffer financially when you are trying to recover physically from your injuries. Courtney & Mann LLP are always ready to help personal injury victims receive the highest amount of money for their injuries. They work on a contingency fee basis, so you never have to worry about paying them any money out of your pocket.