Determining Which Accident Lawyer in Norfolk, VA Should Be Hired

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Lawyers

A traffic accident can lead to many complications even after the immediate consequences. In a possible dispute, the question of who is at fault will be clarified and the court system will determine whether claims for damages should be considered. Hiring an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA after an accident is a smart move no one should ignore.

The system

In court, the defendant’s insurance company will try everything to discredit the injured party. However, an accident lawyer in Norfolk, VA will work tirelessly to prevent this. This brief article discusses why it is generally advisable to hire an attorney after an accident.

It will also discuss who should pay for the legal costs after a traffic accident.

An accident lawyer advises indiscriminately

After an accident, many different parties act according to what they believe is right. The drivers of both vehicles may not be the only people affected. Were there passengers or passersby involved?

Was public or private property damaged? These things must be considered after any traffic accident because liability and/or comprehensive insurance doesn’t fix everything. Things are even more complicated if the owner of the vehicle is a third-person party whose damages should also be regulated.

This is, for example, the case when a rental car or uninsured driver is involved in the collision. Anyone who hires an attorney can be sure that they will receive compensation if they are entitled to it.

Hiring a professional

People who are involved in a collision should not expect any assistance from their insurance company – or even from the opposing driver. Insurance companies are profit-oriented companies for which any amount to be paid out is too high. To get an overview and to achieve realistic chances of getting the best possible outcome, it is advisable to have a lawyer oversee the case.

Even an initial conversation with an attorney can give drivers a few basic insights of their rights. After all, an attorney needs to know their client’s position completely to act in their best interests. They are, generally speaking, their client’s only friend when it comes to matters of this magnitude.

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