Contact Family Lawyers in Carrollton, GA If You Have Legal Questions

Family and friends always have good intentions when they offer their opinions in a family court matter. The truth is, every situation is different, and only family lawyers in Carrollton, GA can offer the legal knowledge someone needs when they’re going through a divorce, adoption, paternity case, child support case, determining custody of their children, or determining how to divide assets. A family lawyer understands this is a very emotional time for the parties involved and will help to keep the individual focused on the legal issues. They will be compassionate to your situation while offering the legal information needed to get through the legalities.

It’s always better when a couple is able to work together to resolve their divorce amicably. Unfortunately, many couples are trying to come to terms with their emotions and aren’t thinking clearly. Family lawyers in Carrollton, GA can help protect your interests and your assets. Dividing assets and debt does not always mean a 50/50 split. Assets that were brought to the marriage will usually be excluded from a divorce settlement. Debts that were accumulated during the marriage will be divided based on the particular situation. Support to a former spouse could also be awarded during a divorce proceeding.

If a couple has children they should work together to craft a child-custody arrangement that will be acceptable for both of them before they attend a child-custody hearing. This would include:

  • Holidays and vacations schedule throughout the year

  • Transportation arrangements of picking up or dropping off the child

  • How contact will be made with the child whenever they’re at the other parent’s home

  • How and when communication will be made in the event of an emergency with the child or if custodial time is not going to be exercised for a particular time

There are many things to consider in family court matters when it involves children and determining the allocation of marital property. The better way to get through this difficult time in your life is with the help of an experienced family attorney. For more information, please feel free to visit Website Domain.

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